The only way to contact us is on Telegram Messenger App @neonpokerclubsupport. You may also email us at AceOfSpades@neonpokerclub.com.

The owners of Neon Poker Club have played online video games since the advent of the poker sites and twitch many years ago. The major issue was getting your chips/diamonds in a timely manner. Sometimes it could take a week or up to a month. It was a pain.

Neon Poker Club will guarantee the processing of chips from Monday through Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM PST. And from Sunday 12 Noon – 5 PM PST. Hit us up on Telegram @neonpokerclubsupport and tell us your chosen club screen name and ID#, and the exact number of chips you need taken out.

First of all, there are weekly freerolls that require no chips to play. Check in the MTT section and look for the upcoming tourneys that require ZERO chips.

So now you want to get chips and get started. Once again, it’s very easy.
Contact us on the messenger app Telegram @neonpokerclubsupport (It’s easy to download and use.) Give the customer service representative on Telegram your chosen Club screen name you created and your ID#.

We will offer your many ways to put chips into your account on the telegram support messenger.
We will confirm and load your chip bank. Now you are ready to play fun games and MTTs.

It’s actually really easy.
1. Google Play and your Apple App store will have it. Download PokerBros app on your cell phone. It’s Free. You cannot download the app onto your computer. Some Apple iPads that act as phones can though.
2. Sign up on the site by creating a username and password.
3. Click on Join a Club after you have signed in to the PokerBros home page.
4. Enter Neon Poker Club’s ID: 65392
5. Put your friend who referred you ID# below that. If no one did, just click – Next.
6. Great. You’re in. Have fun! Read the guidelines on how to get funds in your chip bank.